Suppliers Terms and Conditions

1 Right of Entry -ACE or its representatives, ACE's customer, or regulatory authorities reserve the right to visit the supplier's facilities. Whenever possible, advance notification of such visits will be made to avoid schedule disruption. This right shall also extend to the supplier's subcontractors. The supplier will be notified in advance of such visit by ACE.
2 Calibration System - The supplier shall establish and maintain a system of adequate calibration of inspection and test equipment in accordance with ISO-100I2. ISO-I 7205, A SI CSL-Z540 or equivalent.
3 Inspection System -Supplier shall establish and maintain an inspection system that complies with MIL-Q-45208 and IPC-Standards.
4 Corrective Action - Acceptance of the Purchase Order obligates the supplier to submit corrective action reports (CAR) on ACE form 1401.1 or equivalent on all discrepancies. provided within 48 hours. Final reports shall be submitted to ACE within ten ( I 0) business days of supplier's receipt ofrequest for corrective action.
5 Record Retention -The supplier and supplier"s sub-contractors shall maintain verifiable objective evidence of all inspections and tests performed, results obtained and dispositions of non-conforming articles. These records shall be made available to ACE. In the event that this supplier closes or sells, all ACE Records are to be returned to ACE. In lieu of this requirement, the supplier may submit the aforementioned records to the Buyer at time of delivery. 6a. IO Years-MIL I 6b. 7 Years-Commercial
6 Certificate of Conformance (C of C)- The supplier shall provide a C ofC with each shipment to ACE. The C of C must be dated and signed by the responsible company representative certifying that the supplied material meets all purchase order, specification, and drawing requirements from the buyer. Certifications must include: ACE PO#. Material type with relevant specifications, Process specs and /or the !PC Standard used if not specified, Serial/Lot #s (where applicable), Quantity Shipped, Cure Date?.. and Shelf Life (when requested/applicableJ
7 FOO Prevention - Parts received must be free of foreign object debris/damage (FOO) or contaminants. The intent of this clause is not necessarily to change manufacturing protocol but to maintain continual awareness of the need to mitigate risk concerning potential contamination and damage to material supplied on this purchase order
8 (DFARS)-Any specialty metals incorporated in articles delivered under this order must be melted in the United States, its possession or in a qualifying country as defined in the OF A RS 252.225-7008- 70l 4 Alternate I. Please refer 10 the OFARS clause located in the Government Websites for identification of Specialty Metals and list of Qualifying Countries.
9 Ensures that persons/employees are aware of:
- Their contribution to product or service conformity
- Their contribution to product safety
- The importance of ethical behavior
10 ACE will evaluate Suppliers based on Delivery, Quality and Services. Suppliers that fail to perform in these areas may receive Corrective Actions.