Accurate Circuit Engineering Releases Cutting Edge Technology for Fine Pitch PCBs

Accurate Circuit Engineering, a leading provider of high-speed and RF printed circuit boards, is proud to announce the release of AcuWrap.

AcuWrap is ACE’s newly developed technology that allows fine pitch PCBs to be manufactured with over 6 sets of blind, buried and filled vias, while still meeting IPC6012 Class 3 and Class 3A wrap requirements.

Conventional processing of multiple sets of blind, buried and filled vias requires wrap plating at each sequential interface of those vias. AcuWrap is designed to match the initial foil thickness at these interfaces, thereby alleviating the need to compromise on minimum line width and spacing. This allows for a much more fine pitch design and a more consistent circuit and pad height. This is crucial for customers who are looking for consistent signal strength across the entire PCB.

Accurate Circuit’s team of highly skilled engineers developed this technology specifically with RF and high-speed PCBs in mind. To learn more about ACE and their fabrication capabilities, contact them at: