Manufacturing Standards

3de633d7d477e92a6e518e933a8fd26c_f4.jpgThe printed wiring board (PWB) is the foundation – both literally and figuratively for virtually all electronics in the world. It is the platform upon which electronic components are mounted, and provides both the physical structure for mounting and holding the components as well as the electrical interconnection between those components. The combination of the PWB and components becomes an electronic assembly which is the basic building block for all electronic systems.

The printed wiring board must be designed to satisfy the capabilities and limitations of both the component assembly process and the board fabrication process. The cost and performance of the PWB is determined by its ability to be manufactured efficiently and consistently, and as a custom fabricated component, this ability is dependent on the board designer’s knowledge and understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the board fabrication process.

The information and data in Accurate Circuit Engineering’s Manufacturability Standards guide is intended to provide the board designer with criteria which will allow him/her to create the most cost-effective printed wiring board that is also compatible with the component assembly process, and thus, achieve a cost-effective electronic assembly – the basic building block of your electronic system.

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  • Mil-PRF-31032
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